The Catfish Breakthough

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Catfish is breakthrough technology for shallow water dredging.

Whether clearing out settlement and tailings ponds on mine sites or recovering river sands and mud, the Catfish Dredge is an ideal tool. Both self contained and self propelled, these dredge pumps can be remote-controlled operated by a single person in waters up to 0.5 m in depth and will excavate to 3.5m deep.

Easily maneuvered and transportable by 4WD tailor, CatFishâ„¢ weigh less than 1.6 tonnes and can handle solids measuring up to 40mm.

Applications where the CatFish is ideal for use include:
Clearing tailing and coal fines from mine tailing ponds and lagoons
Clearing sludge from waterwater and sewage ponds and pans.
Clearing silt from industrial and and municipal waste ponds.
Dredging irrigation channels and marinas.
Clearing silts from waterways and marinas.